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Contact lenses are increasingly extensively used, mostly to cure eyesight problems but also for cosmetic purposes. However, regardless of the lens you pick, it must be pleasant and fit precisely to the surface of the eye in order for you to be satisfied with it.

Because there are so many various types of lenses, we must be clear about our expectations. The type of lens you choose is influenced by factors such as how long and how often you want to use it. There are some that only need to be replaced once a month, while others may be thrown out at the end of the day.

What is the procedure for fitting contact lenses with us?

The comfort of the contact lens is its fundamental core, which is why it must always fit perfectly to the eye in order to be used pleasantly and undetected in daily life. To do so, contact lens fitting is done after the patient’s vision has been corrected and a biomicroscopic examination has been completed. Attach a suitably sized lens and check for fit, visual acuity, and any negative ocular responses after half an hour. 


Once you’ve discovered the appropriate lens, we’ll show you how to insert and remove it, so you’ll be able to accomplish this formerly difficult operation on a regular basis when you leave our store.We can also advise you on the best ways to care for your contact lenses so that you may enjoy the benefits of contact lenses for as long as possible while also protecting your vision. 


Of course, we continue to pay attention to our patients and monitor their eye health on a regular basis. We examine your eyesight two to four weeks after the initial lens is fitted to see if it is wearing well, and then we examine it again free of charge. 


A comprehensive eye check is suggested after one year, after which the contact lenses must be removed. One day soft, at least a week before harsh.

When is it not advised for use?

Occasionally, but not always, someone is just unfit to use contact lenses. This is feasible for a variety of reasons. 

if we have a surface illness, if we have various eye infections, maybe conjunctival lesions, if we have a tear production problem, or if our visual system has diopter or curvature issues.

  • if we are involved in any surface disease
  • if you experience various eye infections, possibly conjunctival lesions
  • if we have a tear production problem
  • if diopter or curvature abnormalities are observed in our visual system

Unfortunately, these particular issues make fitting and using contact lenses hard to the point that it is simply not recommended to try this alternative in the scenarios outlined above.

Contact lens fitting

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