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Regular vision screening, at least once a year, is just as vital as regular health screening.
Also because deteriorating eyesight is not always accompanied by pain or major complaints, usually it is a very slow process.

It happens very often that we only realize how much better we could see when we have our vision checked. At Premium Vision Ophthalmology eye examination is carried out only by highly trained professionals with many years of expertise.

What is the procedure for an eye examination and eyeglass prescription?

Please enter the type of examination and choose a date and time of the day. Make sure you enter your name and email address on our form as well. This way we can notify you of the status of your booking.

What is the procedure for performing an eye-ground examination?

This is the most important test, the eye mirror test. It reveals the state of the eye-ground and the interior of the eye. In the event of diabetes, hypertension or general atherosclerosis, we can draw many conclusions regarding the state of the entire body’s coronary network based on the anomalies of the fundus vessels.


An eye-ground examination is advised for all ophthalmic complaints and may be particularly important if: 

  • the patient feels pain the eyes
  • there is a change in visual acuity (short and long sight)
  • the patient has a headache that cannot be explained otherwise
  • an increase in cerebral pressure is suspected (due to tumor or cerebrovascular disorder)

What is the procedure for cataract screening at Premium Vision?

Cataracts occur more frequently in older people and cause a persistent clouding of the eye lens. It might happen as a consequence of an injury or a genetic predisposition but it can also derive from physical or chemical effects.


Patients report feeling as if they were looking through a dull glass, colors seem to fade and they start seeing worse around night when symptoms first emerge. They need glasses with increasing dioptres, they can even experience double vision or glare from too bright light. However, it’s critical to have a professional diagnosis because these symptoms might suggest the existence of other forms of eye diseases too. Only a visual inspection can identify the exact diagnosis and further actions.

What should you be aware of when it comes to glaucoma screening?

Glaucoma is a treatable but not curable disease, thus vision loss and blindness can be avoided if caught early.

Early diagnosis of the issue is critical, and thanks to modern technology, we can diagnose the disease even with very little alterations using computer vision tests. 


About 2% of people over the age of 40 suffer from cataracts. It is important for the patient’s family members to undergo a thorough vision examination as soon as possible since it often occurs cumulatively in a family.

Those with the following risk factors should pay close attention to any vision complaints they may have:

  • elevated or fluctuating intraocular pressure, narrow fundus vasculature,
  • glaucoma among family members,
  • older age.

Common diseases or risk factors may also predispose to cataracts:

  • vasoconstriction
  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • smoking and alcohol consumption.

We also use non-contact glauc filtration technology in our store and installed testers, as well as on our mobile filter bus.

Eye examination

Premium Vision Optics

Pre-registration is required for the tests!
Request an online appointment with our optician.

Pediatric ophthalmology

Dr. Serfőző Csilla

Examining young children by playing with them in a friendly environment using special equipment to assess a youngster who is not yet or barely speaking. Ophthalmic screening, blunt vision, squint examination, polate test. Examining and advising on colour and spatial vision. 


When making a reservation, please mention Premium Vision Optics. 



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