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Reasonable rates for high-quality eyeglass lenses

Excellent optical quality, a reasonable price range, and, of course, dependability are the foundation of spectacle lenses. Simpler and lower-cost lenses – of course of acceptable quality – as well as the most recent surface-treated lenses from the most recognized manufacturers may be found among the offerings.

Our lens offers

We can be confident that the whole spectrum of Carl ZEISS, Seiko, Synchrony, Starlite, Interoptik, and Rodenstock lenses, as well as Interoptik and Rodenstock lenses, will be available, allowing us to discover the perfect solution for all types of vision problems. You’ve come to the proper spot whether you need a progressive or high diopter thinning lens, or if you just want a basic single-focus lens. A wide range of diopter sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, high-base sports glasses, lenticular or bifocal, computer-progressive and multifocal lenses, all in a thinning or even light-darkening design, are also available.

Glass lens prices

The single-focus spectacle lens is the oldest and, as a result, the most used option. Its name refers to the fact that the diopter has the same duration across the whole lens. Its goal is to provide a natural visual experience for people of all ages. Single-focus lenses are an excellent choice for the most common vision disorders, whether they be nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Single-focus spectacle lens prices:

Normal (n = 1.5) single-focus lenses with layeringfrom 5,100 HUF / pc
Zeiss normal (n = 1.5) single-focus lenses with layeringfrom 6,300 HUF / pc
Standard (n = 1.5) single-focus lens with blue filter BlueBlockfrom 8.490 HUF / pc
Thinned (n = 1.6) single-focus lenses with laminationfrom 9,990 HUF / pc

Thinned (n = 1.6) single-focus lens with BlueBlock blue filter

from 14,990 HUF / pc

Zeiss thinned (n = 1.6) single-focus lenses with lamination

from 24,800 HUF / pc
Thinened (n = 1.67) single-focus lenses with laminationfrom 19,490 HUF / pc
Zeiss thinned (n = 1.67) single-focus lenses with laminationfrom 35,950 HUF / pc
Zeiss thin (n = 1.74) single-focus lenses with laminationfrom 42,300 HUF / pc


We don’t have to give up protecting our eyes from sunlight even if we’re basically wearing glasses. Thanks to the dioptre sunglasses lenses, we can enjoy 100% UV protection along with the correction of our vision. In addition, there are plenty of shades to find the right glasses for us, which makes our everyday comfort comfortable even in strong sunlight.

Diopter sunglasses lens prices:

Standard (n = 1.5) single-focus sunglasses lenses:from HUF 5,850 / pc
ZEISS (n = 1.5) single-focus sunglasses with laminated lenses:from HUF 11,950 / pc
Normal (n = 1.5) single-focus sunglasses with mirror coating:from 15,000 HUF / pc
Polarized single-focus sunglasses with layered lenses: from 23,900 HUF / pc


For those who want to make wearing glasses even more comfortable and alternate between outdoor and indoor activities many times in their lifestyle, light-darkening lenses may be the most obvious solution. These lenses also provide 100% UV protection and automatically adapt – instantly – to ever-changing lighting conditions.

Prices for darkening spectacle lenses

Normal (n = 1.5) monofocal darkening lenses with layeringfrom 15,250 HUF / pc
Zeiss light-darkening single-focus lenses with laminationfrom 26,600 HUF / pc
XTRActive light-darkening lenses (n = 1.5) with layering from HUF 23,990 / pc
Thinened (n = 1.56) light-darkening single-focus lenses with laminationfrom HUF 11,990 / pc
Zeiss Thin (n = 1.6) light-darkening monofocal lenses with layeringfrom HUF 48,700 / pc


The bifocal spectacle lenses include two separate diopters, allowing the wearer to see clearly both close up and far away without changing glasses. There are various options available, as this is the only way to achieve a fully personalized solution. As a result, the way of life of this sort of lens is critical.


More information on the costs of manufactured and customized bifocal spectacle lenses may be obtained from our staff.

Work-progressive spectacle lenses work in a similar way as progressive lenses, but they are primarily meant to improve our vision for close-up and working distances. As a result, our eyes acquire the precise correction necessary for the varying distances encountered during our job. As a result, you can work more efficiently since our eyes are less weary. These sight lenses provide clearer eyesight whether working at a computer or at a desk.


More information on the pricing of computer goggles and other custom work-progressive lenses may be obtained from our staff.

Progressive – multifocal lenses are the most contemporary and comfortable solution available today, since they allow us to see clearly and sharply at all distances without having to change glasses. The diopter on the lens’ surface gradually changes, naturally customized to the person and fitted to our physical traits. We can see well all day, under all conditions, with its assistance, all while being comfortable and, of course, stylish.


More information on the pricing of multifocal and custom progressive lenses can be obtained from our staff.

What can we do to make our progressive multifocal lens, which is already the greatest option, even more comfortable and perfect? If, in addition to all of its positive attributes, we pick a light-darkening kind and use a shovel for comfort. 


All of this contributes to optimal vision at all distances, even during our activities in constantly changing light conditions, while also protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays.

Darkening glasses and eye examination

Premium Vision Optics

Pre-registration is required for making and testing glasses that darken to the light!
Request an online appointment with our optician.

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