1075. Budapest

Asbóth street14.

+36 20 500 8898

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MO - FRI: 10:00 - 18:00
Sat: 10:00 - 14:00

Opening hours

Premium vision is located in a new place

We are waiting for you with a new collection and the common expertise

We give a 20% discount on our premium lenses if you buy complete glasses

Ophthalmology and optics


Our prices include VAT.

Our service price list is valid from February 1, 2021.

Eye examination

Graduate Optometrist Eye Examination Award

HUF 10,000

50% discount for making glasses

Field of view test:

HUF 9,900

Corneal thickness measurement:

HUF 2,000

Contact lens testing and training:

HUF 12,000

(Includes test lens, test, training and 1 month control)

Glass frame

Full frame fee (metal / plastic):

HUF 4,000

Damilos frame fee:

HUF 6,000

Drilled frame fee:

HUF 8,000

Resize per page:

HUF 3,000


HUF 3,900

Higher cylinder value:

According to the manufacturer's price list

Glasses repair

Nasal support replacement:

800, - HUF / pc

Screw replacement:

HUF 500

Frame adaptation:

free of charge

Metal soldering:

HUF 8,000

Titanium soldering:

HUF 14,500

Stem replacement:

From HUF 3,500

Glasses lens prices


The mainstays of our range of spectacle lenses are excellent optical quality, the right price range and, of course, reliability. The offer includes the full range of Carl ZEISS, Seiko, Synchrony, Starlite, as well as Interoptik and Rodenstock lenses.

Szemészet és optika


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