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Define your viewing habits and find your own personalized ZEISS eyeglass lens

Use “my visual profile from ZEISS” to learn what challenges your eyes face in everyday life and which ZEISS lenses help you overcome them.


Based on the information you provide about your personal lifestyle, a visual profile is created to help our optician give you the best advice at your next appointment. Together with the results of the vision test , we provide a ZEISS lens solution specifically tailored to your personal lifestyle and viewing habits.

Our eyes were not invented for the digital world

In many ways, it is important for our optician to learn as much as possible about his or her personal lifestyle and viewing habits. In recent years, the proliferation of new technologies and digital devices has significantly changed our personal and workplace lives. We spend an average of five hours a day staring at our smartphones, tablets or TV. On average, we check our cell phones eighty times a day, and this trend is accelerating.


Our vision is now being tested by management. Bad weather and poor lighting are challenging, of course, but the eye irritation caused by glare and the more frequent use of in-car navigation systems force our eyes to constantly switch away from close range and regularly focus on small displays. This puts an extra strain on the eyes, which can result in eye strain over the age of 30.


The technological advances used in our workplace and at home are not only revolutionizing our way of life, but also putting our eyes under increasing stress – both at work and at home.

Define your viewing habits

ZEISS has developed a vision monitoring tool to help you determine your personal viewing habits. My visual profile, an application from ZEISS, defines your visual needs in the following areas:
  • at work;
  • in everyday activities;
  • during digital activities;
  • in traffic, and
  • during leisure activities.
The end result is its own visual profile and the fully personalized lens solution offered by ZEISS – all completely free of charge and without any obligation. You can send us your personal visual profile in advance by e-mail or print it out during the vision test or show it to our optician as a QR code. Following the eye test, based on your own visual profile and the results of the vision test, we recommend the ZEISS lens solution that best suits your needs.

My own visual profile

High-quality work is ensured by a team of professionals with a clinical past and present who are actively involved in science and education.

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