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Contact lens fitting

Contact lenses are widely used today, mostly to correct vision problems but also for cosmetic purposes. However, it definitely makes a difference what kind of lens we use – it has to be comfortable and fit the eye precisely for you to be satisfied with it.

There are countless types of lenses, so we need to specify what our expectations are. The type of lens you choose will be influenced, for example, by how long and how often you want to use it. There are some types that only need to be replaced after a month, while others can be discarded at the end of the day.

Kontaktlencse illesztés

How do we fit contact lenses?

The essence of contact lenses is in their comfort – which is why they should always fit the eye precisely so that you can wear them comfortably and unnoticed in everyday life. To achieve this, we fit contact lenses after a precise correction and biomicroscopic examination of the patient. We fit the right size lens and after half an hour we check the fit, the sharpness of vision, and any negative reactions of the eye.

Once you’ve found the perfect lens, we’ll teach you how to insert and remove it, so you’ll leave our shop feeling comfortable with what may have first seemed like a complicated task. We also offer advice on the best ways to care for your lenses, so you can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses for as long as possible and protect the health of your eyes.

Of course, we will continue to look after our patients and protect the condition of their eyes through regular check-ups. Two and four weeks after the first lens fitting, we check that you are wearing them without any complaints, and after that, we check your vision free of charge from time to time.

After one year, another complete eye examination is recommended, before which the contact lenses must be removed. Soft lenses 1 day before, hard lenses at least a week before.

When is it not recommended?

It is rare, but it does happen that someone is simply not fit to wear contact lenses. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • if you have a medical condition affecting the surface of the eye
  • if there are various eye inflammations or conjunctival lesions
  • if you have a tear production problem
  • if you have dioptric or curvature abnormalities in your vision

Unfortunately, these particular issues make fitting and wearing contact lenses simply impossible. For this reason it is not recommended to try it in the situations described above.

Contact lens fitting

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